June Goals.

May was awesome. And exhausting. June just swooped right in and threw more exhausting awesomeness into my life. I need a break. Need to unwind and refresh myself.

My goals for May were:

  • Revamp my website.Fail. I didn’t touch this website’s design at all. Probably won’t this month. It’s probably a good thing that I’m not tinkering around online, anyway.
  • Stay offline more. This did happen. May kept me busy with small travels, end-of-the-school-year things, and spending time with people. Yay!
  • Finalize living plans for the next couple years. YES! Well, for the most part. A post about this coming soon (I know, I know, I keep putting it off)!
  • Cut back on packaged foods. Fail. Although we did technically cut back on packaged foods by buying more bulk foods and veggies, we also ate out a lot more than usual — which means waste from take-out containers and such. Our wallets are sad.
  • Have people over more often. We’ve had people over almost every week — which is way more than usual. Yay! Seeing our home filled with people we cherish makes my heart full.

In June, I will:

Simplify. It’s been awhile the last round of downsizing/cleaning. I’m feeling inspired to get rid of more things (do I even have anything left to get rid of!?) and focus on extreme organization.

Catch up with my to-do list. I know it’s nearly impossible to check everything off the list, but some of these items have been sitting around for months. Time to focus on checking them off so my burden feels lighter and I can breathe lighter.

Incorporate more meal-planning. This is part of the previous goal, but a huge portion of simplifying will come from focusing on meal planning. I’ve done this before but have fallen off the ‘meal planning wagon.’ Planning means money spent wisely and bodies fed better.

Live slowly. Just that. Saying no to extras. Relaxing. Living. Slowly.

What do you have in store for June? Please share!


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