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Happy Hooping!


This morning was another reminder of why I love hula hooping. While I was preparing breakfast, I heard a girl screaming and crying. I looked outside my window and saw a cute little blonde girl crying as she followed her father in the building. A few moments later, while I was sitting outside eating, the same girl shyly emerged from the neighboring patio doors and stared at me. I smiled. She smiled and ducked her head down. I went inside, grabbed two hoops, came out, and offered the smaller one to her, “Want to play?” She looked back inside at her dad to check, and then hesitantly took the hula hoop from me. I started hooping, and soon she did too. We laughed and hooped in the sun. It was lovely. A few moments later, her dad came out and I let her play with the hoop while I went back to my breakfast/journaling. When she finished, she leaned it against the wall and smiled with gratitude. I am so happy I was able to give her a little extra sunshine this morning. So thankful for hula hoops.

Eight months ago, I tried hooping for the first time. I fell in love. A month later, someone loaned me one of her hoops to practice on before purchasing my own shortly afterwards. Winter forced me indoors; because of that, I’ve only done minimal hooping in our apartment and a couple fitness clubs/gyms. When warm weather hit a month ago, I grabbed a hoop nearly every day and went outside. One minute. Five. Thirty. Whatever. I just do it. One sits in the backseat of my car wherever I go, just in case. I’m not that great at it — my skills are limited to keeping it going around certain parts of my body, moving it down (but not up), some hand hooping, and a couple isolations. Plus, I’ve been doing everything with only three hoops – a now-worn-out polypro, and two larger, heavier hoops. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is how much fun it is!

Hooping moves me. Fills me with joy. Makes me young. Clears my mind. Grounds me. Connects me. It has unleashed my free spirit. I can’t exactly put it into words.

I’ll be adding a few more to my collection soon as I hope to improve my skills and share the fun with others. Colors will swirl around me this summer. Friends, I don’t care how strange you think I am. I love it. It frees me. I will always bring my hoops with me. You are more than welcome to give them a try and enter this magical world.

A hoop comes everywhere with me.

2 thoughts on “Happy Hooping!”

  1. Hula hooping looks like so much fun! I’ve thought about it but my coordination is so poor that my worry about looking foolish has kept me from taking a chance. I did just buy a jumprope from the dollar section at Target and it’s been 1.) a good workout and 2.) a way for me to get over my fear of looking awkward. Maybe hooping will be next! 😀

    1. Hula hooping gets easier the more you do it, but I suppose that can be said for anything that you try! A jump rope! That is awesome! I haven’t done that in years. I’m glad you have found something fun and beneficial to do. 🙂

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