May Is Here With New Goals….


Last month, I started setting some goals. Here’s how I did with them:

Wake up earlier in the morning. Strangely easy, and has led to so many more calm and accomplished mornings! I even started a before-work coffee meet-up! Crazy!

Read 8 good books this month.   I read eight books! And enjoyed most of them.

Drink at least one green juice or green smoothie a day. Fail. I kept track of which days I didn’t drink a green juice or smoothie and apparently I averaged one every other day. That isn’t that bad, but I could double that!!!

Find time to journal every day.  Even though I ended up missing three days, I consider this a goal accomplished. Two of those days were because I was sick and one day, I just randomly forgot because my schedule was a little different. I can’t remember the last time I journaled nearly daily. I love it.

Ride my bike at least three times a week. Fail. I rode my bike once in April. Once. Two weeks were very rainy and cold, so I really couldn’t ride my bike, but the other two weeks were just busy or lazy (with the exception of that one ride — which was lovely).

Waking up earlier, journaling, and reading many books are part of my routine now. For May, I plan to keep my April ‘goals’ (definitely biking and drinking green juices more, though) in addition to creating new ones for May.

May is slated to be a busy (good) month so I’ve made my goals very general:

Revamp my website. I’d like this site to be professionally polished. There is nothing wrong with it but it’s missing that something extra to make it shine. I could spend hours playing around with codes, or buy a design/hire somewhere. Since I don’t want to be on the computer too much, I’m leaning towards the latter.

Stay offline more.  Yes, I totally understand the irony in saying that I wanted to revamp this site and following up with “stay offline more.” I spend very little time tinkering around here or reading other blogs. Most of my screen time is spent browsing the net, connecting in social media, or watching videos. I feel like it’s a ‘winter’ thing for me to do. Warmer weather is pulling me outdoors and I want to make more ‘outdoorsy’ choices. I know the same probably goes for you.

Finalize living plans for the next couple years. After months of going back and forth between, “should we do this or do that?” we have finally started to narrow it down. This includes a trip to visit our land in a few weeks! I’ll share more details soon, but right now, my goal is get some of these details and ideas set in stone.

Cut back on packaged foods. I’ve been drawn to fresh and bulk foods for a few years now, but still buy some things in wasteful packages. I would like to be more intentional about the types of food purchases I make. Less packaging means better foods and less waste!

Have people over more often. My husband and I have realized that we’re more extroverted than we think we are, especially in social groups. We both thrive around certain groups of people and would to replace some of our quiet nights at home with a living room or backyard full of food and laughter.

What does your May look like?

Much love!


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