So, That No-Grocery Thing….

Yeah. Remember that? It’s been two months since I decided that I wasn’t buying groceries for awhile. Since that post, I have kept this one in my drafts — editing and updating, editing and updating… and forgetting to actually publish!

In a nutshell: this is easier for me than my husband. I was able to stick with the items in my pantry for days at a time, but my husband would say, “We have nothing to eat” on several occasions when there definitely was something. We have bought some more groceries since and eaten out more than I would have liked. (I really hate eating out because I always regret it immediately when I see the bill and how generously my husband tips.) However, we have definitely cut back on our grocery costs!! Sweet. And the eating out? I try to take home leftovers and stretch it for a couple more meals, or order half sizes of salads and appetizers to prevent over-stuffing myself and spending too much.

We have also noticed how different our eating habits really are. He buys (and eats) frozen pizzas, breads, milk, lunch meats, peanut butter, pickles, cheese, apples, chips, ice cream, soups, and microwaveable instant things for work. I buy almond milk, coffee, tea, spices, soups, vegetables, fruits, and bulk foods (steel cut oats, seeds, granola). I did buy a can of Spaghettios once. And jelly beans. Whoops. (Yum.)

One thing I did to help visualize my kitchen better was put as much as I could in mason jars. Not only are they pretty, but the mason jars help me see how much of something I have left. Being able to really see my food items helps me visualize what I can prepare and eat. It also keeps me from buying too much because bulk bin foods can be cheaper than buying packaged items.

So here’s what we have left right now. Items in bold are items that remain from the last list. I’m disappointed with myself for still having some of these items after two months, but that should just motivate me to cook them!!

In our freezer:
1/2 bag of sliced peaches
1/2 bag of whole strawberries
1/2 bag of vegetable medley
bag of green peas
bag of broccoli florets
1/2 package chicken breasts
spelt flour
soy flour
shredded coconut
a dead frog

In the fridge:
nearly empty bottle of Midori (had this bottle for four years)
sweet & sour mixer
sour cream
jar of pickles
flax seeds
1 bottle of wine
Green pepper
Ginger root
peanut butter
almond milk
whole wheat bread

In the fridge door:
balsamic cranberry salad dressing
Chipotle mayo
chocolate sauce
soy sauce
stir fry sauce
Earth Balance ‘mayo’
BBQ sauce
lemon juice
Earth Balance butter
Parmesan cheese
Homemade Raspberry jam
Homemade dressing

Cabinet one:
sunflower seeds
garbanzo beans
instant mashed potatoes
basmati rice
instant brown rice
brown rice noodles
vegetable stock
1 can of corn
bread crumbs
instant tapioca pearls
can of vegan chili
jar of tomato sauce
1/2 package whole wheat spaghetti
assorted snack chips
can of vegetable soup

Cabinet two:
canola oil
popcorn kernels
raw agave nectar
red wine vinegar
sesame oil
chili oil
small jar of grated ginger
chia seeds
cinnamon sticks
coconut oil
apple cider vinegar
can of coconut milk
brown rice syrup
cacao powder
baking powder
baking soda
rainbow sprinkles
whole wheat flour
powdered sugar
nutritional yeast
hot chocolate mixes
jar of ground coffee
various teas (bagged and loose leaf)
green superfood powder
all-purpose flour
maple syrup

3 onions
various spices
extra virgin olive oil
balsamic vinegar
3 bottles of wine


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