one thousand gifts

914-956 gifts :: 04.13.13

914. rocking out to a banjo 915. deep discussion after watching Passion of the Christ 916. really hearing a bird chirp 917. sunrise on the golf course 918. Jesus’ sacrifice 919. meaningful conversation over breakfast with friends 920. crazy, squirmy group of dogs 921. watching my sister on MTV 922. the way one of my student’s smiles lights the whole room 923. hard floors helping my aching back 924. seeing the Sears Tower in the distance on a clear day 925. going outside for recess! 926. the sound of popcorn popping 927. first outdoor hooping of the year! 928. cat purring like crazy in my lap 929. cat nose nuzzles 930. late-night pop-punk show 931. feeling too old for some things and being OK with it 932. beautiful Catholic Church 933. hitting it off with strangers at your table 934. excitement of wedding weekend 935. meeting a monk 936. singing 90s boy band songs at the top of our lungs with wedding friends at the end of the night 937. sleepy hotel breakfast with other guests 938. first spring flowers 939. barefoot hooping 940. rainy Monday sleepiness 941. favorite song from a long-lost CD on the radio 942. riding in a car with the top down 943. surrounded by a wise group of women 944. instant connections with new life-long friends 945. kind words 946. always having food in my pantry 947. waking up to a thunderstorm 948. rainbow umbrella 949. wise words from women writers 950. briefly, connecting moments with a favorite author 951. being overwhelmed with all the greetings from various friends I haven’t seen in awhile 952. sharing knowledge 953. Friday morning Starbucks reflections 954. the promise and hope that holding a new book brings 955. sleeping in 956. my husband

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of new friendships, prayers, rekindled aspirations and dreams, sunny days, thunderstorms, and books. Is it strange to say that I feel ‘newer’ than I did two weeks ago? Because I do. I love this journey of growth and change that I am on. I am so excited to see what’s next!


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