one thousand gifts

886-913 gifts :: 03.30.13

886. the thrill of having an unplanned week ahead 887. replacing food packaging with mason jar storage 888. visiting chickens again with my husband 889. my (new to me) green bike! 890. silly cat that likes to lay down on my back 891. new piercing 892. afternoon Thai food date with friends 892. laying around on the floor with no agenda, listening to music 893. a wine-filled afternoon with girlfriends I haven’t seen in awhile 894. hilly roads 895. beautiful, modern and minimalistic home 896. seeing how a horseshoe is put on a horse 897. connecting with a friend 898. Deep Blue oil blend being a welcome relief on my sore back 899. green juice in mason jars 900. little bug walking in the sunshine 901. cats enjoying being on the balcony 902. spring bike ride on my new bike 903. grease on my hands 904. sore legs 905. building a blanket fort in our apartment 906. cats playing with bubbles 907. taking steps to improve our credit 908. the friendly guy that sold my bike was willing to fix it 909. the joy of going through a car wash and my car being sparkling clean! 910. lovely Good Friday church service 911. finding a movie that my husband and I immediately agree on 912. big boxes of movie theater candy on sale 913. laughing until you cry


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