one thousand gifts

838-855 gifts :: 03.08.13

838. connections with amazing women 839. finding something that clicks with your life journey 840. a completely unplanned day 841. Earth Balance vegan butter 842. mason jars 843. participating at a work party with no hearing aids in — complete silence — so liberating in a way 844. a thought-provoking zombie film 845. revisiting where my husband and I got to know each other 846. hearing aids miraculously making it through the washer and dryer 847. mini road trips 848. helping friends paint a new home 849. rocking out to Nirvana on the radio in the car 850. late-night drive with life dreams in mind 851. finding a small group again 852. unexpected snow day of productiveness and laziness 853. jellybeans 854. brewing my first cup of coffee at home 855. March sunshine


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