When I Grow Up, I Will Be A Tree.

At the risk of sounding like a slightly delusional hippie (which is OK), I’m going to say this:

I want to be a tree.

Not an actual wooden tree – but a being of life and beauty.

While reading Tara’s Be Organic Manifesto*, these words stirred something in me:

“Tall, beautiful trees don’t grow in small, concrete boxes. And neither do we.”
– Tara Wagner (The Organic Sister)

Our society revolves around small, concrete boxes. Cubicles. Homes. Stores. Whiteness. Boxes. Hardness. Uniforms. Debt. Weight. Rules. Boxes. It drains and weighs us downs.

Where are our roots? Our strong trunks? Our outstretched branches? Our colors? Our trees?

The people that inspire me are not in concrete boxes. The people I see that radiate happiness and life are trees. Trees are strong, beautiful, and live-giving. They’ve diverse. They’re a breath of fresh air. They make me smile. I want to be a tree. I have always wanted to be a tree but never knew how to put that into words until today. No more concrete boxes. I am tall, strong, and beautiful.

We all need to be trees. We all need to step away from the boxes, reach up, and grow.

It’s time to smile at the sun and stretch my branches towards the sky.

*You can get a copy of Be Organic at The Organic Sister. It’s free. Her mini e-courses are amazing.
**Apparently you really can become a tree.


4 thoughts on “When I Grow Up, I Will Be A Tree.”

  1. Great definition of being a tree, but I also see trees as resilient. They sway and bend with what ever comes, rarely breaking. I wanted to be the tree, the resilient one.

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