one thousand gifts

801-819 gifts :: 02.22.13

801. RV show! 802. finding more ideas for our tiny house 803. exhausted feet from walking all day 804. a friend showered with wedding gifts 805. seeing friends for the first time in months since we all went to Cancun last year 806. retelling stories 807. laughter 808. alcohol in my late-night coffee 809. hearing a friend open up about how her prayer life has changed her 810. smell of delicious spices in the kitchen 811. washing clothes with the wonderwash 812. being able to leave work early so I can go home and sleep off my cold 813. my bed 814. staying up late to finish a good book 815. a beautiful funeral on a cold February afternoon 816. when sunlight hits an object just right for the perfect picture 817. martinis 818. heart overwhelmed with beauty and happiness 819. organized meal planning


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