one thousand gifts

744-784 gifts :: 02.08.13

744. date night with gift cards 745. sitting in a hot tub, talking about tiny house 746. dry heat sauna 747. an empty pool just to ourselves 748. stepping outside and being surprised by the beautifully falling snow 749. husband so excited to see snow 750. making meals from random leftover items 751. my daily post-it note of love project for February 752. growing babies 752. hanging out with the ladies while the men watch football downstairs 753. first time seeing breastfeeding 754. more snow! 755. reactions to post-it notes 756. husband volunteering by my side at the food pantry 757. the way the morning sun makes lovely shadows in our home 758. being late to work because I was admiring sunlight and icicles 759. positive conversation about positive words 780. seeing friends get applauded and recognized for who they are 781. frozen water droplets 782. silly rain turning into awesome snow 783. a calm day at work after a crazy one 784. surprise cupcake


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