one thousand gifts

721-743 gifts :: 02.01.13

721. snow crunching under boots  722. lunch buffet 723. writing ideas coming to me in the bathroom 724. amazing finds at goodwill 725. volunteering at kids’ carnival and seeing their faces light up when winning tickets 726. helping out a homeless family at the community closet 727. apple cinnamon doughnuts 728. wool that will become something 729. solo movie night 730. cats snuggling together 731. curious cats poking their nose in the bath 732. an afternoon of wine & paint 733. creating something on canvas and hanging it on the wall 734. husband coming home from a boy’s weekend in Vegas 735. listening to an old favorite song 736. strange, fifty-degree weather 737. getting an extension for my license stickers 738. dining out alone 739. serving alongside people with beautiful, caring hearts 740. foggy night 741. umbrellas 742. celebrating student birthdays 743. vegan chili


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