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This Remarkably Ordinary Day.

Today was just one of those ridiculously ordinary yet remarkably extraordinary days.
I hope you know what I’m talking about: the kind of weekday that is filled with work and errands and nothing special planned. Yet, every moment is filled with joy and nothing seems to go wrong. Even those usually bothersome things aren’t a worry at the moment. Maybe these kinds of days happen multiple times a week. Maybe it’s been awhile. Today was a day.

After waking before dawn, I showered, dressed, prepared and ate a simple breakfast, read a chapter in a book, did some writing, and kissed my husband and kids cats goodbye before stepping out the door. I didn’t put a coat on — the unusually balmy weather was an odd element of the day. The Cure’s “Friday, I’m In Love” was the song to start my day — a song I haven’t listened to in years. The song, combined with the 50-degree weather and the casual outfit I threw on (a Horton Hears A Who! sweatshirt, jeans, red converse), brought back strong memories of spring days at college in Ohio. Once at work, my energy level was pretty high and I was able to keep up with the kids all day! On Tuesdays, my lunch isn’t until 2pm; it’s so late that I almost don’t need it anymore. I use the time to read a book. After work, I rushed to the DMV to get an extension on my license plate stickers (my car failing the emissions test really bothered me yesterday but didn’t faze me too much today) before a refreshingly sweaty yoga class. I followed this with a wonderful meal at a restaurant I haven’t been to before. Dining out alone with fantastic food and an inspiring book was wonderfully peaceful. Then I headed over to my church’s care center for my volunteer shift at the food pantry: two hours of packing groceries with people with beautiful hearts. Being there always fills me with gratitude for this life I have. Then I drove in the fog and pouring rain to my sweet home. I sit here feeling awed.

All my senses were heightened today. Today just felt so…. real. Really normal. But REAL.

The thing is — today wasn’t any more amazing than yesterday. And it isn’t more awesome than tomorrow will be. Every day is amazing. When you have so many seemingly ordinary days for weeks, months, years, it’s so easy to take them for granted. But when you break it up into each day — each day is a regular day and yet they are all incredibly different from each other. Different people, different events, different conversations, different sights, different smells, different routes, different poops (yes, I dared to go there), the list goes on. No two days are exactly the same.

Isn’t that just amazing!?

Totally makes you look at things in a different light, doesn’t it? This thought blows my mind. Even when I think I’m having a bad day, that day is still wonderfully unique. Knowing that makes my bad days seem less worse. It happens everyday. Normal, yet, incredible.

I hope your life overflows with remarkably ordinary days.


8 thoughts on “This Remarkably Ordinary Day.”

  1. I was tempted to share on Facebook until the “poops.” LOL — Oh, well, next time. Good article re: gratitude for each day.

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