Something Tiny Is Happening This Year!

Back in June of 2011, I announced my intentions for a tiny house.
For our October wedding, our registry was solely focused on tiny house funds & items.

A month after that, I told you we we acquired some land to park it on!

Then we started working on the floor plan in February of last year. We started searching locally for trailers and made a few trips to check some out.

At the rate we were going, the possibility of a house being near to completion at this time was very high. Unfortunately, we began to lose sight of our goal. Our savings started to deplete as it was used for a new car for my husband, some moving expenses/deposits, and so forth. No progress was made at all on tiny house. Nothing happened for a year. It just went by.

That’s changing. We’re making it happen this year.

We planned to build the house ourselves with the help of friends and family, but after much discussion, Kyle and I realized that we wouldn’t be able to set aside the time we needed in our schedules to focus on building. So we’re going to have a tiny house company build the shell/exterior for us and finish the insides ourselves. That way, we still get to work on the house, but we leave some of the heavier construction/design work up to people who have experience building tiny homes. This means we’ll have to create a bigger budget with funds that we don’t really have right now (labor + delivering a house + better materials = more cost) but we will figuring out our financial plans more in the next few months.  I’m not too worried. We’ll also need to secure a location here in the suburbs of Chicago to park the house while we work on the interior and possibly live in it for a year or so before moving to our land (we both have good jobs, great friends, and fantastic families).

We have already started speaking with several tiny home builders — and we are soooooo excited!!! Our goal is to start working on our design (we want to change some things) with a company by the end of February.

So that’s that. Just wanted to share a quick update. =)

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