one thousand gifts

671-699 gifts :: 01.18.13

671. finally Friday after a long week 672. tiny house talk 673. first paid article 674. owl mugs 675. a juicing friend! 676. new connections 677. haus bing 678. home 679. colorful skirts 680. baths salts 681. rock climbing 682. frozen icy raindrops 683. catch-up coffee dates 684. purple clothes 685. compliments 686. grocery cart full of vegetables 687. friends that inspire 688. red legwarmers 689. lotion for dry hands 690. handknit cowl 691. free wine for life 692. when the moon looks like the chesire cat is grinning in the night sky 693. kleenex 694. sweatshirts 695. joyful poster 696. four-day weekend 697. being sick forcing me to slow down 698. the ability to say no to something that doesn’t feed my soul 699. warm slipppers


2 thoughts on “671-699 gifts :: 01.18.13”

    1. Oh man, yes! I received a bracelet from a local bowling alley that will give me free wine every time I wear the bracelet. So maybe I’m not getting free bottles, but free drinks every time I stop in is pretty sweet.

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