A Light Life.


If you are filled with light, with no dark corners,
then your whole life will be radiant, as though a floodlight were filling you with light.
-Luke 11:36

After seeing this fantastic workbook from Susannah Conway and reading Tammy’s post, I was inspired to set aside time to really reflect on my life right now. I don’t just want to review last year; I considered what I want now to look like. What I want the future to be. I’m looking forward. Then it clicked — I picked my theme the year.

My word/theme for 2013 is LIGHT. For me, light is:

  1. the radiance from a particular source: illuminate
  2. to turn, switch on, set burning: ignite
  3. come down to rest: land
  4. smaller load: less

Although I’ve been on a journey towards more less for awhile, I felt weighed down a lot this past year. The values I had strongly established for myself a few years ago somehow fell to the side as I wandered other paths. Honestly, I was really disappointed with myself for not sticking to some things I wanted to stick with. It’s not a great feeling. In December, I took time for myself to refresh my soul and figure out exactly what I am reaching towards in life. I am back on the right path now. My spirit is recharged and I am bursting with quiet excitement with all the ideas and dreams running through my mind. I do not have it (whatever ‘it’ is) figured out one hundred percent, but this word is the perfect word to guide me this year.

LIGHT will be in my life in many ways:

  • living lightly
  • breathing lighter
  • a lighter load on my shoulders
  • a lighter mind
  • being a light
  • embracing His light
  • lighting others on fire
  • … and more.

More gratitude. More cherished moments. More grace. More creativity. More intention. More love. More LIGHT.

What is your theme?

2 thoughts on “A Light Life.

  1. I adore this theme, and now I need to really come up with my own. I’ve been putting it off but I need to really think about it. On a totally unrelated note: I ❤ the snow falling on your page!

    1. Do let me know what word/theme you come up with for yourself! As for the snow — it was an option somewhere in WordPress. I think today is the last day for it. Le sad.

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