one thousand gifts

a gentle end to the year [561-650]

December’s break was just what I needed. A list doesn’t nearly begin to sum up everything I experienced, thought, and felt. I will spend the month of January writing about the thoughts I have moving forward but for now, a list. This list is for me. You may not understand it. That’s OK. I hope you are working on your own list of sorts. We’ll talk soon. I love you. Did you know that? I do.

561. dream books 562. giggling over nonsense 563. apples to apples 564. intimate conversation with lady friends 565. friendly drive-through employee covering the few cents I didn’t have 566. balloons 567. snow globes 568. dancing in the apartment 569. tree-shaped ice cream treats 570. headbands for unruly bangs 571. finding new outdoor places to walk 572. photo shoots 573. re-visiting our wedding spot 574. candles floating in water peacefully 575. two good friends finally getting married 576. taking a break offline 577. an amazing book that inspires me to take action 578. newborn twins 579. crazy holiday lights on houses 580. dirt on my hands from boxes at the food pantry 581. candy canes 582. homemade brownies 583. unusually warm day in December 584. peppermint mocha creamer 585. Groupon dinner 586. friendly waitress learning sign language for me 587. happy husband 588. little RV model on our shelf 589. thrift store finds 590. bumping into people I know 591. my first dirty Chai 592. cranberry bliss bar 593. unraveling a decades-old crochet project for yarn reuse 594. clementine oranges 595. feeling very happy 596. new yarn 597. new needles 598. wooden buttons 599. homemade dinner with a friend 600. white, twinkling lights in the kitchen 601. creating a space I love 602. silly coworkers 603. “family” cuddled together 604. marzipan 605. mug rugs 606. knitting pen pals 607. reindeer antlers on cars 608. colors everywhere 609. holiday staff party with large spread of food 610. tequila shot with coworkers 611. cleaning through old things 612. secret Santa 613. cat playing fetch with his favorite toy 614. generosity 615. finally having snow 616. last day of school before winter break 617. wise words from my husband 618. train rides to Chicago 619. independent coffee shop 620. peppermint macaroon 621. wine tasting afternoon 622. more less 623. beautiful church service 624. He is the reason for the season 625. Christmas Eve dinner with my family 626. one-on-one with Grandma-in-law 627. handmade gifts 628. melting candles 629. watching wax harden 630. cat curling up in a basket 631. snuggling with Kyle 632. new books 633. full stomach 634. full heart 635. child-like wonder 636. quiet afternoon writing cards 637. colorful markers 638. rainbow catnip toy 639. unexpected snow 640. scrabble 641. seeing a musical 642. loose-leaf tea 643. bath bom 644. new gym membership 645. knitting gifts for others 646. invitations 647. warm hugs 648. instant coffe 649. cleaning and donating items 650. reflecting on the year


2 thoughts on “a gentle end to the year [561-650]”

  1. I love this! Every single one. You are such an inspiration. Best wishes for you in the new year… I pray it is your best yet!

    1. Such kind words! Thank you. I am praying that it will be my best year, too! I hope you are able to achieve everything you set your heart on, as well. ❤

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