one thousand gifts

tangled yarn and green smoothies [541-560]

Having five days off from work last week was marvelous. I really cherished the time off with a lot of relaxing and reflecting. My days were filled with meals, books (I read 1-2 books a day), cats, naps, knitting, and time with my family. I am looking forward to my holiday break in December.

541. Macy’s Thanksgiving parade
542. dad cooking me a lot of grilled veggies for dinner
543. my blue guitar
544. pumpkin pie
545. holiday lights
546. putting up the Christmas tree with my husband
547. shopping for RVs
548. dreaming and planning our future together
549. learning a partner line dance with Kyle
550. red hair
551. a peaceful weekend surrounded by my blessings
552. new hula hoops
553. friends that live close by
554. daily wisdom from my nightstand calendar
555. always having food in my kitchen
556. taking photos with my DSLR camera
557. delicious green smoothies
558. a pile of books to read
559. tangled yarn that will become something
560. flowing skirts


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