one thousand gifts

autumn departs [511-540]

One 30-degree evening last week, I was standing alone on a dark street corner with a pink glow stick in my hand (no, this was not a moment from some bizarre dream or acid trip). I looked up at the sky to see the stars and all I could see  some darkness and a faint golden glow from the lights of a nearby baseball field. The lights reflected off the tops of the trees, illuminating dark branches that I otherwise would not notice after dark. Seeing the bare branches on every tree around hit me with the realization that autumn left already. There were no more colorful leaves. When did that happen? How did I miss this? But wait, I didn’t miss it. I’ve been living and loving it every day. Change is constant. We just don’t notice the effects until one random moment in time when we see everything is different. Then we prepare for the next transformation. And this is why life is amazing.

511. having strength to resist food temptations
512. endless Holiday music on Pandora
513. conversations with my husband about our future
514. first light layer of snow on the ground for the season!
515. mini Diwali celebration with friends
516. Indian sweets
517. sparkling stars in the sky on a very clear November night
518. peppermint mocha
519. red lipstick
520. glow sticks
521. streetlights reflecting golden colors off bare treetops at night
522. salad for dinner
523. discovering cool new foods at one of my favorite grocery stores
524. raspberry hot chocolate
525. attempting something I found on Pinterest and being successful
526. my cat unexpectedly curling up in my lap while I was knitting
527. Johnny Depp
528. the smell of incense — first time I’ve been able to burn it in years
529. green tea + lemon + honey
530. sock monkeys
531. holiday decor made of twigs and pinecones
532. coconut milk egg nog with cinnamon
533. catching up with one of my best friends after months apart
534. a gym full of jumpy houses
535. baby wipes
536. latex/plastic gloves
537. volunteering in a food pantry
538. two-day work week
539. foggy morning
540. water droplets on bare tree branches


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