one thousand gifts

a weekend to refresh myself [468-510]

I have spent most of the weekend by myself as my husband was out of town: a much-needed weekend after the end of a long couple of weeks. I miss Kyle, but I cherished the time I had for myself this weekend, as well as a couple visits with some friends and my mom. With the holidays around the corner, having and creating relationships matters to me more than anything else. I anticipate that this winter will consist of a lot of quiet, cozy evenings at home with Kyle, as well as nights with friends and family. And my life? Still ever so full of gifts as I’ve counted over 500 so far…

468. Americans rallying together with concern over natural disasters
469. sharing my new love for hooping with others
470. jumping on trampolines
471. clear halo around the full moon
472. halloween movies
473. kids in creative halloween costumes
474. $2 dinners at chipotle
475. persistent cat that loves to wake me up in the morning at inconvenient times
476. calm classroom
477. beautifully painted morning sky of reds and purples and blues
478. achieving a small goal that leads to something bigger
479. apple dipped in caramel sauce
480. connecting with a wonderful group of ladies
481. wine tasting
482. making ornaments
483. watching a blindfolded friend attempt to smash a pinata
484. receving anticipated books in the mail
485. the ability to vote for our government
486. unexpected roses in bloom on several rosebushes
487. being the first person to check a particular item out of the library
488. listening to new Christmas albums
489. hearing and seeing “i love you” from my husband
490. warm soup on a cold night
491. clicking of knitting needles in my hands
492. rainbow-colored yarn
493. developing relationships with good, solid friends
494. a day to myself with no committments other than just being
495. restocking my kitchen with healthy foods
496. the smell of pumpkin bread baking in the oven
497. new nail polish colors (since when do I care about nail polish?)
498. unexpected bath
499. feeling new after changing my hair
500. waking up to two cats snuggling with me
501. unhurried mornings
502. apple cinnamon waffles with blueberries & maple syrup
503. flock of birds in the sky
504. leaves swirling around in the November wind
505. teaser snowflakes
506. just hanging out with my mom
507. quiet Sunday evening with no agenda
508. bubble bath!
509. curious kitten poking his nose in the bubbles
510. giggles to myself


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