one thousand gifts

when I pet a zebra [436-467]

October is ready to leave us. November is creeping in. Snow has already appeared throughout the states and teasing us with its’ potential appearance later this week. I’m not quite sure if I’m ready for it yet. Snowflakes and sugarplums can wait a bit.

436. watching my husband enjoy singing along with the radio
437. bright moon in the clear sky
438. climbing to the top of the jungle gym at the playground
439. play dough
440. glitter
441. running water
442. heavy autumn rain
443. squishy pumpkin insides
444. baked pumpkin seeds
445. Oktoberfest beers
446. sweatshirts
447. cowboy hats
448. cupcakes
449. playing games with friends
450. a blue Snuggie on a cold night
451. nephew going out in his Halloween costume
452. french fries
453. husband having fun driving his Jeep through some mud
454. giraffes
455. sleeping baby kangaroo
456. adorable baby tiger
457. soft zebra fur
458. amazing collection of exotic and endangered animals
459. corn maze
460. straw bales
461. field of pumpkins and tables of gourds
462. white pumpkins
463. quick afternoon nap on the couch
464. smart children
465. meet new intelligent people that I really click with
466. Sunday morning breakfast with my husband
467. Goosebumps books

For those of you that are new here or catching up: I have been taking a slight break from blogging and instead, am focusing on paying attention to the gifts that God has placed in my life. One thousand gifts, to be exact. There are so many beautiful things to see — from the smallest kiss on the cheek to the gorgeous sunsets He paints. Everything is perfectly made just for us. We just need to stop, look around, drink it all in, and savor it. I am enjoying my life, but I also miss writing and plan to start blogging again soon.


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