one thousand gifts

wine, weather, and cows [401-435]

They say that spring breathes life into everything after a cold, dead winter season. For me, Autumn, especially everything during the month of October, rejuvenates and renews me. Nothing makes me feel more alive than the crunch of leaves under my feet, the smell of wood and harvest plants, warm drinks, cozy clothing, and the nip of a crisp chill in the early morning or late evening. The past couple weeks have been filled with those and oh, so much more.

401. halloween movie marathon
402. sweet glasses of wine
403. songs that touch my heart
404. free deserts after church
405. thrill of potential tornado
406. child’s joy on a swing
407. early morning quiet before the sunrise
408. cat snuggles while reading a book
409. student saying his first word in school!
410. everyone in the Starbucks smiling at me
411. bright rainbow in the sky
412. fun, uplifting evening with great people
413. Southern accents
414. healthy energy drinks
415. driving through fog after midnight
416. poker with the in-laws
417. holding a three week-old baby
418. surprise treats in my mailbox at work
419. cute bobblehead owl
420. touching a pregnant woman’s belly for the first time ever
421. endless lightning in the midnight sky
422. heavy morning fog
423. much-needed lazy evening on the couch with Hulu
424. falling asleep in a very cozy bed
425. field trip to the police station
426. warm autumn days
427. red converse all-stars
428. grazing horses
429. fall leaves dancing in the wind
430. bright green tufts of grass peeking up from the ground
431. log pile ready for winter
432. horse coming up right up to me to say hello
433. cows mooing
434. windmill
435. cider donuts


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