one thousand gifts

give fully with your heart [373-400]

I can’t believe how much has happened in a week. It’s not that major life events have taken place or anything like that, but it is so full with little gifts. God is really waking me up to seeing everything that I truly have, and so much more, even through sadness. I love this life. Is there any other way to express how much in love I am with this life I have?

373. changing colors of oranges, reds, and yellows on trees
374. K-Cups
375. candlelit dinner
376. early bedtime
377. sleeping in on a day off
376. baby’s smile and big, blue eyes
377. autumn trees along a calm river
378. animals coexisting
379. confidence
380. honest words from a friend
381. new boots
382. great hairspray
383. riding on an ATV with the cold wind gusting around my face
384. accomplishing some hula hooping skills
385. sitting in a combine, high in the field
386. harvesting soybeans
387. family gathered around the table
388. organized worksheets
389. feeling like a princess in my wedding dress
390. beautiful, delicious dinner
391. one year of marriage
392. love from friends
393. unexpected laughter from a bizarre incident in a regular day
394. year-old wedding cake
395. hooping alone in the park
396. playing a volleyball game after so long
397. bruises
398. winning free tickets to a haunted house
399. thrill of fear from associating with people in amazing zombie makeup
400. scarves


2 thoughts on “give fully with your heart [373-400]”

    1. Thanks — I snapped it moments before climbing up there and going through some rows of soybeans! That’s a fun memory, thanks for sharing. 🙂

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