one thousand gifts

little moments and big dreams [344-372]

It’s the beginning of October. I’m feeling an incredible high from the amazing, inspiring weekend I spent in Alabama and the fact that my favorite month is here — which means more pumpkins, apple cider, and scarves to come. October is going to be a great month. I can feel it. So excited! This list seems rather short for 2-3 weeks worth of life (since my last update), but I was busy living and forgot to stop and write. No more excuses, though. I’m writing everything down from here on out and putting my all into life.

344. random, sweet hug from one student while dealing with another’s behaviors
345. looking for a candy bar and finding the last one on the shelf
346. co-worker surprising me with a freshly brewed coffee
347. clean apartment
348. lit candles in mason jars
349. silence at home
350. good book in my lap
351. affectionate cats sitting next to me while I read
352. neat shadow patterns from the morning sun
353. green tea
354. delicious pizza with too many vegetable toppings
355. impromptu farm visit
356. hearing a rooster crow
357. husband enjoying hanging out with chickens
358. plaid flannel
359. Judy Garland’s voice
360. Chicago skyline
361. rolling hills of Tennessee
362. seeing cotton plants for the first time
363. Waffle House breakfast after an overnight drive
364. meeting a beautiful, inspiring author
365. a large arena packed with amazing people
366. hearing words of tremendous support from friends
367. knowing that He will help me reach my goals
368. naan
369. a quiet corner in the library
370. looking up and noticing a tiny bug crawling on top of a large window
371. the way the world looks like gold when the sun comes out after the rain
372. feeling empowered to change my life and change the world


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