one thousand gifts

whirlwind september [303-343]

September has been nonstop. Work leaves me exhausted, my husband just got a new job, and we moved into a new apartment a week ago. Top that off with the usual commitments with friends, family, church, and business, and September has been quite busy! I feel like I should have more things listed below as a lot of time has passed since the last update, but I wasn’t good at writing things down while rushing around. I need to slow down again. I don’t particularly enjoy being busy — life is too short for that. Quiet time, moments of rest, and leisure are very important. I’m creating time for them again — which is absolutely needed as fall is my favorite season and I want to enjoy every moment of it!

303. much-needed frappuccino
304. older man holding the door open for me
305. random Christmas song on the radio
306. whiskey ice cream
307. going to a new bar in the city
308. hanging out with my sister
309. laying on the floor, just listening to music
310. homemade meal
311. tickle fits of laughter
312. fresh popcorn on the stove
313. free stephen curtis chapman concert
314. friend’s wedding on the river
315. slow dancing
316. meeting new people
317. shirley temples
318. breakfast at home with Kyle
319. little fat bird on the patio railing with food in his mouth
320. woman feeding geese & ducks on the side of the road from giant bag
321. dark morning clouds, heavy with rain
322. a hint of crisp fall air
323. uninterrupted sleep
324. sunlight streaming through the blinds
325. dust particles floating in sunlight
326. nephew turning five years old
327. freshly painted green walls
328. watching an airplane taking off at sunset
339. seeing and being with old friends
330. wearing socks
331. football games
332. swinging at the playground
333. hula hoops
334. learning new hooping skills
335. absolutely beautiful day to be outside
336. large wolf spider crawling up the screen door
337. pumpkins on display
338. finally having a delicious kale smoothie!
339. food in our refrigerator
340. dressing up in very high heels
341. laughter in the laundry room
342. creamy strawberry liquor
343. smell of burning wood somewhere in the air


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