waking up to myself.

The past couple weeks, I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster of feeling awesome and confused/doubtful at the same time. Positive and negative thoughts danced together. Tears of joy and surprise blended with tears of sadness and frustration. To help get myself back to my roots, I went back and read through some of my older posts here. I discovered this amazing, positive woman who didn’t let anything bother her. She laughed, she cried, she learned, she lived. Whatever happened to that person? Then it hit me. She’s still there. She’s just tired, kind of hiding. All I need to do is bring her back to continue living the life I aspire to have. No, wait; I’m already living the beautiful life I want to have. I have been this amazing woman all along. I just needed to wake up again.


2 thoughts on “waking up to myself.”

  1. hi, i’ve been reading for awhile but haven’t commented…i wanted you to know that i love your new format, as well as all your thanksgivings! i read 1000 gifts and heard ann voskamp speak (she’s amazing in person as well) and i also enjoy filling my day with praises of thanksgiving. i wanted to encourage you, i too have been trying to “refind” myself, knowing that deep down i have a purpose but right now it seems so vague and empty. looking forward to your posting again soon!

    1. Hi, Ann! Thank you for the kind comment! I’m glad to hear you’re filling your days with praises of thanksgiving, as well. Knowing that others like you are doing that is more motivation for me to keep noticing gifts in my life. Your encouragement means a lot to me, too. Thank you. Much love!

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