one thousand gifts

school begins and autumn is coming [251-302]

School started last week which meant it was time to head back to work. I am exhausted and sick (already!). Tomorrow is September. It is only then that I can be officially excited about fall without looking crazy! Pumpkin-scented candles, here I come!

251. time for easy morning yoga
252. warm cup of spicy tea
253. first day at a new job
254. free t-shirt
255. rain stains on the windowshield
256. massive storm cloud in the distance with rain pouring down
257. bold sunlight shining through the rain
258. faint rainbow ahead
259. my mother looking younger with each passing birthday
260. saganaki
261. spaghetti that feels light instead of heavy
262. bread dipped in olive oil and cheese
263. headless squid in a glass of water
264. black forest cake
265. much-needed green tea with lemon and honey
266. humongous zucchini
267. home-made chai tea latte
268. that first day of school feeling – from the staff perspective
269. five crazy kids running around the classroom
270. wonderful support from other people
271. large, soft couch
272. peach-flavored bubble tea
273. squishy tapioca balls
274. receiving an adorable thank-you card in the mail
275. quiet words from a quiet kid
276. kindergarten laughter
277. a couple more job offers
278. cold beer at the end of a long day
279. freshly popped popcorn
280. community of kids gathered
281. movie projected on a big screen on the lawn
282. pinning everything i like on pinterest
283. mushy cookie dough in between my fingers
284. smell of sugar cookies baking on Saturday morning
285. group of ladies celebrating one woman’s last week of single-hood
286. late-night chinese food with dozens of people
287. making connections and building relationships
288. seeing a beautiful song being performed that brings me to tears
289. heartfelt goodbyes filled with love
290. freshly vacuumed carpets
291. endlessly affectionate cats
292. words of encouragement
293. His promise of always being there for us
294. the hope that a new day brings
295. sunlight streaming in through large windows
296. kleenex
297. laughter of friends in a van on the highway
298. baseball game
299. bright moon in the sky
300. very friendly Cubs fans (they’re the best)
301. giant stuffed bear waving at me from a second-story window
302. late-night steak n shake with exhausted friends


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