one thousand gifts

the end of summer break [191-250]

My summer break officially ended today. Although it is still August, I don’t really consider it summer once the kids come to school. It’s soon Autumn! My favorite season! Yet, the last few days of my summer were wonderfully beautiful. And with that, I leave you with the list of my last summer gifts. May your summer come to a beautiful end, as well.

191. clumps of long hair in my lap
192. new haircut + thicker bangs
193. being with friends
194. apple cider beer
195. a new discovery of a hidden gem in the suburbs
196. identifying strange wild flowers
197. yellow and gray autumn leaves on the forest floor
198. beautiful log cabin in the woods
199. ducks sitting in a dry pond
200. smell of farm animals wafting through the air
201. red wood on barns
202. barn doors
203. little black pigs poking their snouts through a fence
204. cows hanging out in the grass
205. bags of groceries
206. ripping oven grocery store monopoly game pieces
207. fresh fruit on a platter
208. bright blue sky
209. heart-to-heart conversation with dad
210. well-wishes and farewells
211. sprinkles and maraschino cherries
212. random phone calls with friends
213. giant blade cutting through a stack of paper
214. window fan blowing in the cool night air
215. wild deer prancing around in the woods
216. burn in my leg muscles from pedaling a bike
217. yoga stretches in the forest
218. mochi ice cream
219. finding instant tapioca balls
220. unlimited chinese food
221. silly fortunes
222. friends sharing accomplishments
223. one cat using the other cat as a pillow during naptime
224. my husband’s warm hands entwined with mine
225. leaving the suburbs behind as we approach endless fields
226. black Labrador running down a driveway towards our car to say hello
227. window shopping for houses in a small town
228. friendly strangers
229. wide open roads
230. cornfields
231. large town square surrounded by shops
232. unique necklace find
233. endless candy options
234. blended vanilla iced chai tea freeze
235. eclectic art
236. heavy door with heavy locks
237. old, red brick buildings
238. vines crawling up on brick
239. silos jutting out from the flat open landscape
240. smell of BBQ
241. gravel roads
242. tractors
243. groves of baby trees
244. vintage gas pumps
245. random old bumper cars sitting outside
246. gigantic rain cloud in the distance with a stream of falling rain
247. one wet raindrop on my elbow
248. beautiful words in a book that speak to my heart
249. feeling and knowing that i am loved
250. falling into a soft bed at the end of a long day


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