one thousand gifts

embracing changes & spontaneity [154-190]

Yesterday morning, while walking from my car to a building, I had my head down as I was so focused on my phone (particularly, checking in the building on Yelp). All of a sudden I realized that I was completely ignoring my surroundings on a beautiful morning and immediately looked up and put my phone away. I took a deep breath and marveled at the puffy clouds floating in an azure sky while noticing a beautiful little pond that I had overlooked. Kicking myself for being too involved with my phone instead of the present moment, I vowed not to do that again. So many beautiful things surround us if we just look up. (I probably will look at my phone again, and I know you do too, but we can at least try to be more conscious about what we’re doing.) As for this past week, I have noticed gifts as well as other cool things that aren’t necessarily gifts for me, but still something I can appreciate.

154. windshield wipers
155. job offer
156. dive bars
157. squirmy, excited neighbor dogs on the patio in the morning
158. pen to paper
159. encouraging scripture
160. laminated paper
161. footloose
162. dancing in the living room
163. wooden clothespins
164. yellow and black umbrellas
165. sun on my back
166. lunch with mom
167. red velvet rope
168. my sister on stage
169. compassion international exhibit
170. sign language
171. face paint
172. autumn-like weather
173. pink harley-davidson
174. awesome motorcycle boots
175. delicious cinnamon sticks
176. cloth lawn chairs
177. laughter
178. finding a temporarily lost cat
179. sunshine after the rain
180. dead leaves on the dirty ground
181. sugar cookies
182. spontaneous decisions
183. unexpected free meals
184. fruit loop-flavored vodka
185. late-night conversations
186. fog blanketing the highway after midnight
187. lily pads in calm water
188. water flowing over rocks
189. low quantity of high-quality friends
190. cat sleeping peacefully on my arm


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