one thousand gifts

enjoying the ordinary and extraordinary [099-153]

Today’s list comes from my observation of some everyday, ordinary gifts in my life, and some occasional, extraordinary gifts in my life. If I really stopped to write down everything I noticed in a day, I’d probably hit a thousand gifts. But these are the ones that really stood out. The ones that made me stop to notice them. The ones that add joy to my life. The ones that bring me a little bit closer to Him, one way or another — whether it be through rain or people or material items.

099. highway ramps
100. wooden booths
101. condensation on cool glasses
102. water rings on the table
103. new car smell
104. lightning dances in the sky
105. sideways rain
106. cheap beer drafts
107. helpful hug from a friend
108. strings of colorful lights above
109. squishy, weird AstroTurf
110. smiles from a guitarist
111. Plinko
112. dozens of people dancing together
113. awkward fingerspelling
114. lady friends
115. faith
116. love
117. hope
118. tomato soup
119. a good talk with my husband about the future
120. IKEA
121. brand-new couch
122. yellow corduroy
123. making lists
124. crossing items off a list
125. mario party 9 on Wii
126. italian ices
127. apple cinnamon scent
128. fluffy, white comforter
129. two cats napping together
130. olive oil
131. applause
132. recognition for achievements
133. shimmering beaded jewelry
134. the joy of donating items
135. cluster of lazy susans
136. shiny classic cars
137. resale stores
138. wooden sticks in a new decorative vase
139. riding in a Jeep
140. loving kisses from my other half
141. dimpled oranges
142. freshly painted white pedestrian lines
143. four year-old running around outside in his underwear
144. imperfections in a new driveway
145. gorgeous yellow eyes
146. beautiful dead finch in the grass
147. black matte paint
148. assorted lawn decorations in the grass
149. pink car rims
150. cool breeze from gray clouds
151. moth crawling on a car hood
152. the smell of rain hanging in the air
153. large, white coffee mugs


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