one thousand gifts

a simple week to recharge [066-098]

This past week was the first week of summer break for me, and I pretty much had absolutely nothing planned for the next month. My schedule is starting to fill up a little more, but I still have a lot of room to relax and recharge. It’s exactly what I need.

066. salad for dinner
067. starting a new book
068. highlighters
069. sore muscles
070. cracked, empty bird egg on the patio
071. sunlight streaming through patio fence, causing striped shadows
072. conversations with my cat
073. motivational words
074. phone tone when receiving a text message
075. amazing kids singing and acting on stage
076. bearded dragon in the bathtub
077. windows rolled down
078. summer night bonfire
079. sangria
080. dogs running in the yard
081. shiny glass surface after cleaning
082. warm, dry laundry
083. spraying air scent through a fan
084. assorted fruits on a flat wooden bowl
085. mid-day snack of pecans and grapes
086. three-hour conversation with a friend over tea
087. honest words
088. bumping into people i know at the store
089. new, clean whiteboard
090. smooth markers
091. clean dishes
092. warm, strong hands entwined with mine
093. blast of outdoor heat when leaving an air-conditioned building
094. british woman’s voice encouraging me to run
095. feeling of accomplishment after a workout
096. texture of a yoga mat
097. little bell in cat toy ball
098. sleepy cats. have i mentioned this already? can’t get enough of them!


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