one thousand gifts

getting through some negative thoughts [033-065]

Over the weekend, some negative feelings hit me. I don’t like to dwell on unpleasant thoughts and feelings, but let’s just say they made me think less of myself when I really shouldn’t have taken anything personally at all. Once I realized what I was doing to myself, I tried to focus on the list and enjoy the things I experienced. So here is the list from the weekend up until today, the list of gifts I discovered among the negative feelings, the list I focused on. Today is much, much better.

033. damp, brown sidewalk from freshly fallen rain
034. sound of shoes on pavement
035. air-conditioning
036. cool, sweet fruit
037. swimming pool at night
038. sips of cold beer
039. cat nipping at my arm
040. an unplanned day with my husband
041. seeing the bright moon through the window from my bed
042. organized piles of clothes
043. comedic moment in a film that really makes me laugh
044. pineapple on pizza
045. cash instead of plastic
046. red balloons
047. bubbles floating in the sky
048. wind in my hair
049. skyline view of a city from a boat
050. fake giant lady bugs on office building
051. talking endlessly with a friend i haven’t seen lately
052. sweet, sweet sleep.
053. brown birds eating bread in a parking lot
054. endless beautiful vegetables in the produce department
055. sizzle of oil in a pan
056. smell of spices mixed in the air
057. stomach feeling full and satisfied
058. clothes hanging to dry indoors
059. running water
060. free movie tickets
061. freshly vacuumed carpet
062. crisp button-up shirt
063. braids in my hair
064. frizzy hair the next day after taking the braids out
065. endless rows of books to read at the library


2 thoughts on “getting through some negative thoughts [033-065]”

  1. Hi Laura…just found your blog post when searching for posts about minimalism. I write about that topic and others that I call SMART (Sustainable/meaningful/artful/responsible & thankful) I appreciate you lovely and simple site and also appreciate your list of things to be grateful for in our everyday lives–after all, when we learn to appreciate and love what we have we usually find we are wealthy beyond measure. Then when I saw this post about your feelings after taking something personally…I thought you might appreciate the post I wrote…. “What you think of me is none of my business.” you can find it here if interested… keep up the good writing and I look forward to your posts in the future…..Kathy

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving some kinds words! It is always cool to meet other people who like to read and write about the same kind of things. 🙂

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