one thousand gifts

finding joy in the every day [001 – 032]

“As long as thanks is possible, then joy is always possible.”
-Ann Voskamp in One Thousand Gifts

When I woke up on Tuesday earlier this week, I started writing down my list of one thousand beautiful things I am thankful for. Things in which I am finding joy.  All were written down in a notebook or typed in my phone as soon as possible. I find that I am now keeping my eyes and ears peeled for more gifts on a constant basis. Each day brings new surprises!

001. waking up to a rain storm
002. sweet cats that love to snuggle
003. cup of hot starbucks chai tea
004. deer grazing by the side of the road
005. perfect song on the radio in an unhappy moment
006. an excited & silly student
007. a hopeful phone call
008. silent moments to read before my husband gets home
009. cotton-candy colored sunset
010. the smell of onions sauteing in olive oil
011. refreshing taste of slightly forbidden ice cream
012. calm evening with perfect temperature and no breeze
013. skin peeling off bearded dragon
014. my husband’s smile underneath my kiss on his cheek
015. sweat on my skin
016. ice cold bottle of water
017. flashing railroad crossing lights
018. catching up with my mom in her kitchen
019. dish soap suds on my hands
020. bright pink nose on my baby cat
021. flickering candle flame
022. reading a book by soft candlelight
023. low, dark stray clouds on the blue morning horizon
024. keyboard keys clicking under my fingers
025. fuzzy bee crawling on my foot
026. the sound of an arrow hitting a target
027. feeling the taut string of a bow
028. smell of woodchips
029. being able to hear in my right ear after a soundless week
030. crisp pages of an unread book
031. my husband’s warm kiss on the top of my head
032. morning sunlight falling on a brick building, making it gold


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