Little Things: Geocaches & Crocodiles.

June has been a great month. Taking control of my personal schedule and learning to cherish each day has really made a positive impact on my life. I look forward to what July and the rest of the summer brings. One day at a time.


Great weekend for a road trip to Ohio with the husband!


I adore beautiful, rural landscapes like this.


Mason jar vase on a picnic table for the rehearsal dinner. Two good friends from college got married this weekend at our alma mater — it was a great weekend, beautiful wedding, and a fun time with old friends.


Road trips also mean we tend to pick up more geocaches!


We ended our four-day Ohio trip with a day at Cedar Point with some friends. It was a perfect day to be at the park. I also haven’t been on a roller coaster in a few years — nothing beats the coasters here.


I have been creating more time for reflection and journaling.


Summer school has been much more laid back than regular school during the year, complete with two field trips a week. I’ve been enjoying more moments this summer to connect with the students. This week was a Cubs game and a trip to a reptile wildlife preserve where I pet the belly of a crocodile.

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