Little Things: Sunsets & Bees.

Little things from the past two weeks. Of course, some of the best moments and things weren’t captured by a camera.  Before I share photos from last week, I want to wish you a wonderful weekend with simple moments, quality time with loved ones, lightning bugs, and scrumptious meals.


A beautiful sunset over a beautiful lake. A few moments to myself.


Helped kids paint a variety of things throughout the week.


I absolutely love seeing items hanging on a clothesline in the summer.


Spent a lot of time in the camp’s activities center with wonderful woman and fun crafts. I really like digging my hands into beads and grains of rice.


Many quiet moments to reflect and write this week. Making it a habit.


Enjoying a car show at Willow Creek’s DadFest. I especially enjoyed the RVs.


My dad’s birthday fell on Father’s Day this year and we celebrated with a small dinner at a favorite local spot of his. He loves karaoke. My family sang.


I put on a beekeeper’s suit and hung out with honeybees.

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