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Little Things: Sea and Petals.

This week went by rather quickly. After spending four days traveling and staying in Mexico for a wedding, it was hard to motivate myself to be productive at work. This week was also the last full week of school for the students before summer begins; having that in mind doesn’t help with the lack of motivation. The vacation + my growing dislike of my job has put me in a lot of reflection this week about where I want to be a few months from now. Life changes on the horizon?


I have a cute calendar with great quotes. When I read this upon waking, it was perfect. It’s not that I want to be lazy, but I want a simple, peaceful life. This is what I really realized on vacation and this is what I’m aiming at.


I absolutely love being near water. And I loved being in Mexico for a couple days.


Middle school field day = games with flying shoes!


One of my seventh graders has a great sense of humor. He’s a great kid.


This was actually a bit of a sad moment for me — after bringing a dying plant back to life (it was not watered while I was out of town), I arrived home yesterday to find all the petals had fallen off! Yet, these were still beautiful, and I’m glad I had the flower to liven up my back porch. With life, there is always death. This is a reminder to live.

How did you live this week?


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