Little Things: Harleys and Sushi.

At this moment, I am most likely on a plane across the United States. It’s also my husband’s my first time on a plane — we have a much-needed weekend ahead! (I predict many photos for next week’s Little Things.) This past week was also long and hard. And yet, I had beautiful things as usual.

Marigolds in my little garden.

Sitting on the porch with a book, sweet kitty nearby.

Harley-Davidsons in the parking lot? My kind of church.

Sweet, annoying Zuka. More sweet than annoying.

Sushi break. Pretty veggie maki.

Lunchtimes have been wonderful. I could use it to read or prepare lessons (as usual), but this week, lunch has been the only break in my day. I’ve cherished every moment of it, usually heading to the nearby downtown area for some walking and sunshine.

One bag. Two people. Four days. Small and simple.

What little things made you smile this week?

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