Little Things: Cuddly Cats & Swing Sets.

If you have a smartphone and spend some time connected in social networks, you’ve probably heard of Instagram – a social application that allows people to share photos with each other in a news feed. I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. I love the Polaroid-style filters for the photographs, and being able to share daily snippets with other people, but I hate that the application gives us another reason to stay hooked on our phones. Overall though, I think I love it. And I’m using it to reignite my little things series.

The last two weeks have been incredibly hectic. Yet, in the midst of it all, there have been some sweet moments of joy and relaxation. While the best moments in my life are usually not photographed, I still manage to capture a few things that make me smile. And with that, I present this week’s little things:

Peaceful fishing.

Snuggling with Zuka.

Breakfast with my family.

My pancakes. More like desert than breakfast!

Walking through my old neighborhood with mom.

Playing on the playground with some older kids.

A daisy from my new porch garden.

Diner-style tile floors.

Beautiful day for a baseball game with good people.

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