Signing Back On in May…

Last month, I mentioned that I’d be staying offline in April. It was the most enjoyable digital sabbatical I’d ever done, and the longest. Immediately after kicking email off my phone and checking it once a day at work, I felt lighter. I didn’t have a constant notification on my phone that a message was waiting. I didn’t feel obligated to immediately respond. Some days, I didn’t think about email at all. It was lovely. That’s the main thing from this past month that will be sticking with me from now on: no more email on my phone.

With the exception of using Yelp again in mid-April (I attended an Elite Yelp event and needed to use the website for connections and writing), it wasn’t too difficult staying away most of the time. I could breathe. It felt good.

Yet, once May rolled around, I added back some of the apps and slowly reconnected online. Twitter is different, though. After being gone for awhile, I felt like I had nothing really important to say there anymore. I love everyone that I have connected with on Twitter, but I sort of feel like many of you are now part of my past. You’ve helped bring me to where I am today, and now we go our own ways with the occasional “hello.” Or maybe we’re still tight. Our lives are beautiful whether or not we tweet. I’m still present, but in and out. You are too.

My life is ever-evolving as all my worlds entwine each other. Every day is filled with new lessons, heartaches, and joys. Some days bring flowers and laughter, others bring disappointment and exhaustion. All I can do is take what I’m handed and patiently live each moment as it is meant to be lived.

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