daily life

a lovely mother’s day.

The sun (and my darling kitties) greeted me bright and early this morning!
After some valuable morning time, I headed over to a nearby popular brunch spot and put my name on the list for a table. Then I went back home and spent time with my pets and husband before heading back to the restaurant two hours later to meet my family and get our table after only waiting a few minutes.


Inside the restaurant, decorating the ceiling.


This…. was included with my breakfast. More like desert than breakfast!


Our table. What a beautiful spread.


Mom and I went for a walk through our neighborhood. So strange to see things I haven’t seen in years. Some things have changed, others haven’t.


Interesting pink port-a-potty. Kind of appropriate for today.

We ended the afternoon sitting on chairs in my parents’ driveway, drinking iced tea while talking about life and watching butterflies dance in the air. As many people walked by with their dogs and strollers, I started thinking about the lost art of porch sitting. Years ago, many homeowners, even in suburban areas, would sit outside on their porches and chat with families and neighbors. Nowadays, people hole up in their homes with televisions or are zipping around to multiple commitments while balancing fast food in their laps. I miss the old days of neighborliness.

I really enjoyed spending the day with my fantastic mom. 🙂


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