Signing Offline in April….

A few days ago, a thought came to my head: it’s time for a digital sabbatical.
I already spend a lot less time on the internet these days compared to a year or five ago. Deleting Facebook (and other sites) left me plenty of room to breathe and I haven’t really been keeping up to date with blogs or anything recently. In fact, I rarely touch my computer these days. I want to cut back even more. Nowadays, most of our internet interactions are on our smart phones — so I especially need to cut back on my phone.

April? It’s digital sabbatical time.

What I will do:

  • remove nearly all applications from my phone.
  • rarely touch my computer & ignore the internet for a month.


  • e-mail. to be checked only on the computer (disabled from phone).
  • looking for trailers/land/information for tiny house.
  • filling out job applications. it’s all online these days.
  • looking up books at the library.
  • the occasional need to look up directions on Google Maps.
  • iPhone music/Pandora? I am still debating this.

What I am doing instead:

  • journaling. I have a small journal in my purse and a recently-purchased journal to write down all my thoughts and observations instead of writing them on Twitter or any other website.
  • reading more. I have more books on my to-read list.
  • finding places on my own instead of depending on Yelp.
  • being outdoors. the weather will be nicer and I need to start my garden.
  • listening to the FM radio and my CDs instead of digital music.
  • enjoying life like I used to before technology grew!

What I hope to accomplish:

  • a better connection with my community.
  • a better connection with nature.
  • a better relationship with my family and friends.
  • a better connection with myself.
  • self-reliability. a lower phone and internet dependency.
  • a load off my shoulders.

I’ll see you in May. Or June. Or July… 🙂

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