Falling Off The Wagon?

March has been weird for me. After a year and a half of getting rid of my things, dreaming about tiny homes, and striving towards a mostly vegan diet, I’ve been feeling a strange urge to return to some of my old habits. I still dream of tiny houses (and small homes), but I’ve been tempted to eat a hot dog and drink a couple cans of soda. Plenty of cheese pizza has found its way into my belly and I am completely disregarding a routine sleep schedule. The 42′ flat-screen television that my husband recently purchased has been turned on more than I’d like and driving down to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner has been a lot more appealing than cooking something simple from scratch at home. I’ve also been working a lot more hours and found myself at the Burger King drive-through window more than once, ordering veggie burgers.

What is going on!? Have I just resisted everything for so long that I’ve fallen victim to cheesy temptations and television? Or am I just working so much that I’m now becoming one of millions of lazy Americans? Or perhaps I am getting used to living in the suburbs, especially since moving (again!) two weeks ago near a major shopping mall with endless dining options? Maybe I was just so focused on the move (which was easy, by the way, and we got rid of some furniture). However, I am afraid that I am so used to being around convenience and consumerism that it seems there is no way out.

I need to get out of here! I need to get out in the country! The Little House On The Prairie books I’ve been reading aren’t enough (yes, I’m re-reading them now – don’t you dare make fun of me).

I’m determined to get back on track. This past week, I was on spring break from my full-time job. While everyone else was vacationing on sandy beaches, I was focusing on myself: body, mind, and soul. I took a couple yoga classes, had a workout session with a personal trainer, did some morning juice fasts, and read as much as I could. I took hour-long afternoon cat-naps and drank lots of tea. It was marvelous. I’m quite sad the week is coming to an end but I’m looking forward to my Sundays. I removed Sunday from my work availability so I could have that whole day back to myself again to refresh. Next week, I also hope to start my porch garden and spend a bit more time outdoors (the weather wasn’t warm enough yet this week). And tiny house? I’m more passionate about it than ever now.

I guess it’s OK to fall off the wagon as long as I get right back on!


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