Whatever Happened To Our News?

I stopped watching the news on television years ago. I stopped reading the newspaper around the same time. Most of my news comes from the internet and word of mouth. If it’s important enough, I will hear about it. That’s how I see it. Why subject myself to news reports about crime and traffic in the area? Why fill my mind with pointless information that doesn’t pertain to anything when I can feed my brain with information from books and websites that really matters?

In the fitness center a few cold mornings ago (I’ve been getting back into a light running routine), the television was left on the morning news. After watching the news, I felt like nothing changed. It was just as pointless as before. In the half hour I was there, the morning news covered:

  • traffic in Chicago
  • a helicopter crash in Arizona (all miraculously survived)
  • state troopers saving a drunk woman from her burning SUV
  • a missing man in Lake Michigan
  • gas prices ($.27 more this year than last year) and Iran tension
  • traffic in Chicago
  • the resignation of the president of the University of Illinois
  • weather
  • traffic in Chicago
  • Lincoln’s tomb needing $700,000 (!!!) worth of repairs
  • some other stuff that was too pointless to remember

They went back to cover traffic in Chicago three times. A helicopter hovered over the expressways, showing the worker ants trudging along the roads to some cubicle job in a high-rise. Some semi-truck was blocking a few lanes and a traffic accident somewhere else was blocking more. Wow, Chicago. Is this all you really care about? (At this point, I could launch into a rant about how people need to find a different job if they hate sitting in their cars during rush hour, but I won’t.)

What about human sex trafficking in America and other horrible things that many people in our country are ignorant about? The economy? A focus on local farms (to encourage healthy eating and community)? A spotlight on volunteer organizations? While the news does occasionally cover quick stories related to health and good deeds, there isn’t enough. We need less murders and more awareness of violence on a national level that many people are ignorant about. We need a smaller focus on the bad and a higher focus on the good. While knowing how to protect oneself and being aware of potential dangers is always a good thing, our communities would benefit much more from knowing how to take care of our families, our neighbors, our communities, and ourselves.

Millions of people watch and read the news. Could you imagine how our world could change if these millions of people were learning about Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA), farmers markets, chemicals in our food, places that need volunteers, materialism, and sustainable living options? Wow.


2 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To Our News?”

  1. You’re watching local news. That’s the problem. Try watching national news, or even international news (the BBC for starters). You’ll see fewer reports on murders, and more reports on issues that actually matter on a national / global scale.

    That said, after the one hour of nightly news, turn it off.

    1. You have a point. I just wish that the local news would cover more things that are beneficial to our communities, especially since so many people watch local news. The next time I catch the television turned onto the local news, I’ll tell my husband to switch it over to BBC or something. 🙂

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