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two weeks though crazy sexy.

A couple weeks ago, I announced that I would be starting a 21-day crazy sexy diet cleanse. I’ve been privately recording my daily progress (foods I have eaten, sleep schedule, and any related aspect of the cleanse) and wrote recently about what exactly the cleanse is. So how am I doing?

In a nutshell: Week one was great. Week two was terrible.

The first day I did this cleanse, it was perfect. I had a green smoothie in the morning, lots of tea all day, tons of veggies, a chance to work out, and went to bed at a great time. The second day started off strong too but went downhill after lunch. After I gave into a slice of coffee cake, I felt like I already screwed up and ate more unhealthy foods. But every morning, I put myself back on track.

My mornings are my strength. I drink white tea every morning, and eat a bowl of steel-cut oats (with fruit or raisins) or some gluten-free vegan waffles with agave. I couldn’t get myself to like the green smoothies and don’t have a juicer. I didn’t want to starve all morning without these options so I had vegan breakfasts instead. A couple times I made fruit smoothies. I need to find a better green smoothie recipe. Or get a juicer.

My lunches have been great too. Most days I eat a large salad with assorted veggies, raisins, seeds, and a homemade vinaigrette dressing. I usually have several small oranges with the meal too.

I struggle the most after lunch. My afternoons at work are longer than my mornings and that’s when I start craving quick snacks during free moments. I managed to stock up on nuts and gluten-free crackers with hummus, but still reached for a couple cookies or pieces of chocolate.

Dinners have been manageable. I haven’t had a problem preparing cooked veggies and brown rice most evenings. I usually try to cook a lot of it so I can just warm up leftovers the next night instead of preparing a new meal too often. I also went out for a couple meals and found completely vegan entrees (or make some adjustments). They were all delicious and I’m proud of myself for being able to do that!

By the end of the first week, I noticed a change in my bowel movement patterns that can only be described as much healthier! So despite some of the cravings I’ve given into, the massive amounts of veggies I’ve had for lunch and dinner have really helped.

So, week two?  The last few days have been terrible. Even my body has noticed it. I’ve been bombarded with countless holiday sweets. While I tried to plan ahead and resist the temptation by choosing to eat oranges or nuts instead, I’ve still indulged in the cookies, brownies, and candies. It’s not just at work — they’re in my apartment too! I need to stock up on more nuts, berries, and other small fruits and vegetables for easy snacking. Crackers and hummus all day just isn’t good. It leaves me full and yet craving more. That’s why I’m reaching for the sugary baked goods that have been so available.

I was losing motivation; then something remarkable happened: my classroom secret Santa, one of the students, gifted me a vegan (cheese-free) pizza and a bag of raw, gluten-free vanilla maple almonds. Amazing!! I was so surprised and touched at the effort the student (and his mother) made to find me the food items. This unique gift made me realize that people are supportive of what I’m eating. This has given me an extra push to get through this cleanse (although it’s more like a diet change for me and not an actual cleanse).

As for working out, I’ve only set aside time to do yoga two times (and a  rock-climbing adventure yesterday morning — man, my arms are sore!). I really need a workout buddy (with the same schedule as me) or money to afford yoga classes because I can’t do it alone.

The one thing I am really enjoying is dry brushing! I purchased a natural bristle brush a couple days ago and used it for the first time yesterday. It was very relaxing and something I’m looking forward to doing before showers.

I’m really looking forward to the next two weeks. I’m on winter break and will have much more time in my day to cook multiple meals, practice yoga, read books, and relax! I am also hoping this will help me get on the right track so the transition back to my usual work schedule won’t be as difficult. I want to be mostly vegan by the first of the year.


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