Light Dresses, Swimsuits, & Flip-Flops: Another Round of Project 333

Today is the last day of the current round of Project 333. Another one kicks off tomorrow.

Last week marked the official start of summer. It was chilly in the Midwest with endless storms, but this week has been showing us promise of a hot summer to come and I’m ready to switch the wardrobe!

For me, this next phase will probably only last nearly two months instead of three. If I find a teaching job for the fall, my attire will be completely different than what I wear casually during the summer. When this happens, I plan to purchase new clothes and revamp the wardrobe to appear more professional. I do have items to wear but I’m tired of clothes bought on a whim months or years ago. I want to be more conscious about the clothes I buy and create a wardrobe that is highly-quality, me, and well-put together. I realized this the other day when I put on my usual dress pants and noticed how utterly worn out they were. Ten years is a long time for a pair of pants.

Here’s my list of clothing until mid-August:

  • blue dress
  • pink dress*
  • black and gray dress*
  • gray and floral-printed dress
  • long printed dress
  • gray cardigan**
  • plaid button-up shirt**
  • white sweatshirt
  • fuchsia tank top*
  • white tank top**
  • black tank top**
  • pink tank top*
  • tie-dyed tank top
  • white/purple/brown halter top
  • small gray t-shirt*
  • fuchsia t-shirt*
  • Axis t-shirt**­
  • white t-shirt**
  • college t-shirt**
  • gray t-shirt**
  • paprika camp t-shirt
  • purple camp t-shirt
  • dark blue jeans**
  • gray skinny jeans**
  • light blue jeans**
  • black dress pants**
  • black dress Bermuda shorts*
  • denim Bermuda shorts*
  • black dress sandals
  • black flats*
  • black Converse All-Stars**
  • black flip-flops*
  • black belt*

*indicates items staying from Round 3.
**indicates items staying from Round 2
and 3.

Extra item in closet: striped strapless dress (for a wedding).

Items not counted: pajama pants, athletic shorts, volleyball gear (gym shoes, spandex, shirt),  bathing suits, underwear, socks, hearing aids, glasses, jewelry (few items). I also borrowed a black blazer from my sister for interviews. Why buy if I can borrow?

Are you doing Project 333 this time? If not, what’s keeping you from trying it?


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