Another year has passed me by. Today marks the start of my twenty-sixth year of life.

I love birthdays. I love them for the sole reason that they celebrate a person’s life. I’m obsessed with remembering birthdays. I try to remember the birthday of everyone I’m in regular contact with. I program birthday reminders in my phone, write them on my calendar, or just memorize them. And I don’t usually forget. Whenever I do, I feel terribly guilty, whether or not that other person cares if I’ve noticed. I want to celebrate each person in my life. I want to celebrate being alive. I love to celebrate life.

It was my intent to write a post reflecting on how much I’ve grown this past year compared to each year of my life, but I’ve been busy. The past couple weeks were spent wrapping up my master’s degree and soaking in the sun, which meant neglecting things a bit. Yes, I am finally finished now and will officially graduate in a few weeks! I feel incredibly accomplished and will be taking full advantage of all my extra free time this summer to read, explore, socialize, learn, breathe, do nothing, watch windows, run about, have picnics, and write as much or as little as I want. I’m also excited to tackle a few major projects (updates on these soon). For now, I will enjoy today and invite you do the same.

Twenty-four had many beautiful changes in my life. I’m excited to see what this year brings!

I’m so incredibly thankful to have this life. I don’t want to waste any moment of it.


13 thoughts on “Twenty-Five.”

  1. Happy Birthday Laura! My twenty-sixth year (this past one) was a great year, I hope yours is filled with peace, love, and laughter!

    Laura’s Last Post:ย Sing A Happy Song

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