You’ve Decluttered. Now What?

To review, here are the posts in the series:

If you’ve read all the posts and browsed the extra links within them, you’ve got a good idea of how to declutter almost every area of your home. If you’re unsure what to do about something, just ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Most of the time, you don’t.

I’m done talking about decluttering here. Why? I already did it and if you were going to do it, you already did it too. Or maybe you will right after you finish reading this. Maybe not.

But wait, one last thing. You’ve donated bags of clothing to the Salvation Army and your unused pots and pans to Goodwill, what now? Decluttering doesn’t just end. It’s an ongoing process. For the process to be successful, it is important to maintain your decluttered space.

Stay in the habit of putting things away immediately.
Since you’ve already established where everything goes, there should be no need to leave anything on a surface or draped over a couch.

Don’t buy anything new.
Best way to avoid clutter? Don’t bring it in the home in the first place! Unless it is absolutely necessary (i.e: hygiene product) or to replace something (worn out shirt you will donate, broken phone), try to avoid buying stuff. Most of it is pointless. Ask yourself before you buy, “Will I miss this if I don’t buy it? Have I been fine without it? Do I really need it?” Give yourself a trial period of a few days or weeks without the item and see if you find yourself still wishing you had it. Chances are, you’ll forget about it.

Use the one in, two out rule.
For every item you bring in yourself, get rid of two old, unused items.

Reduce the amount of storage space.
Storage can be good for keeping things organized, but having too much storage space may lead you to acquire more stuff just to fill up the space! Try to eliminate unnecessary storage space. Embrace empty shelves. Enjoy the space.

Create a system.
Figure out what to do with clutter by planning ahead. Decide what you will do about something before it enters the home. Designate “to-do” files or boxes for items that need to be handled right away, “maybe” files for items that can wait, and “goodbye” boxes to items that can be tossed or donated.

Review the room.
Each day (or each week), take inventory of a certain room in your home. What needs to be cleaned up or put away? What needs to be fixed? Is there anything you can get rid of? Is the area decluttered as much as you want it to be? Keeping up with regular room reviews will ensure that these areas remain consistently decluttered.

Treat yourself.
Is the room spotless? Are you happy? Celebrate!
An accomplishment is an accomplishment, no matter how small.

If you haven’t done your annual spring-cleaning, now’s the time to get started!

Okay, now I’m done talking about this.

2 thoughts on “You’ve Decluttered. Now What?

  1. Thank you! I know its a few years late, but I found minimalism exactly one year ago. I spent the whole of 2015 decluttering my home. And now, exactly a year later, I found myself asking.. “I’m done. I know I am….now what?”

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