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The Little Things: Olive Oil & Candles.

Putting olive oil and candles together may conjure up thoughts of oily massages or romantic dinners, but that’s not my intent (although very lovely). They’re just two of things in my life that I love this week. Hmm. Maybe I should put them together…

1) Olive Oil. I cook most meals with this and it’s a healthier substitution for butter!

2) Windows. Windows allow me to see the world outside. I also consider windows a form of entertainment, similar to a television – except I can actually experience what is out there. They can also be opened to let the fresh air in.

3) Candles. They smell wonderful, look nice, and create a serene atmosphere.

4) My camera. I love the new perspective gained from behind the lens. Looking through my camera helps me to notice and appreciate the simple every day details – raindrops, cracks, colors in the sky, ladybugs, and the way the light falls through a window. Fortunately, it’s gotten to a point where I don’t need the camera any more to appreciate those things.

5) Glasses. The kind you see with, not drink out of. My glasses help me read and provide my eyes with relief after a day wearing contacts.

6) Reusable water bottle. Free water + little waste = perfect.

7) My library card. No need to buy any books, movies, CDs, or magazines again and have them clutter up the home. I can read them, watch them, listen to them, and return them when done – for free! All with one little card. Sweet.

8) My hands. I was thinking about how much my hands do for me. They build, carry, comfort, communicate, write, create, move. My hands set my ideas into motion.

9) Volleyball. I don’t really like to watch sports, I like to play. When I was in high school, volleyball was the sport that whipped me into shape. I stopped playing competitively in college to focus on schoolwork, but now I play for fun on the weekends. Great game, good way to get my body moving, and a fun way to hang out with friends!

10) Mochi ice cream. These Japanese golf ball-sized sticky rice-covered balls of ice cream are absolutely marvelous! The outer shell is a powdery soft dough whilst the inside consists of soft, cold, yummy ice cream. You eat it with your hands! (Or with a toothpick, I suppose.)

Have a wonderful weekend! Try something new.


6 thoughts on “The Little Things: Olive Oil & Candles.”

    1. I never heard of them either until I found them in Trader Joe’s last year! If you try them out, keep in mind that some flavors are much better than others (Green Tea flavor isn’t fun) and some brands taste different than others. I always find myself going back to Trader Joe’s.

  1. okay, first of all…i love windows as well. our apartment right now has ONE window. in all of the other rooms, it’s so dark and dim in the other rooms…it sucks, gah. anyways, i also love hands…my hands, other’s hands…they’re always beautiful and show all of the work you do all of the time, you know?

    1. One window can be so depressing – unless, of course, it’s the size of the entire wall. I’m one of those people that hopes to build a home someday where entire walls are covered in giant windows that overlook a wonderful view. Just thinking about it makes me smile. And I know exactly what you mean about hands. 🙂

  2. I also appreciate my glasses. I’m blind without them, and there is nothing like slipping into your pjs, taking your contacts out and putting on your glasses. It makes me feel totally relaxed!

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