7 Ways to Declutter: Bathroom.

On Thursdays, I post a guide with ways to declutter a certain area in your life. If you’re not ready to toss everything out, try these ways of reducing clutter, one area at a time. Like me, you may not think you have much, but you’d be surprised to find how much stuff you have that you really don’t need.

Ah, the bathroom – one of the most private and intimate rooms in the home.  This is also the last room I will be discussing in this series. If you’re curious about an area in the home that I haven’t covered, feel free to ask or throw in suggestions! Enter the minimalist bathroom….

1) Keep only one of each item that you use. One bar of soap. One tube of toothpaste. One bottle of shampoo (if you use shampoo).  And so forth. This eliminates the need to take up all your counter and shelf space. Also look at what you have and decide what you use on a regular basis and what you don’t. Get rid of the things you don’t use regularly.

2) Don’t buy anything new until you’ve finished the old product. There’s no need to keep extra bottles or packages of items just in case you need them. Chances are, these unused bottles will be in there for months, even years before being picked up. Or they might become forgotten and you buy a new one without realizing you had one sitting around already!

3) You only need one towel. Or two. Try to use only one towel a week. If you’re just using the towel to dry yourself off after a shower, or to wipe your hands after washing them, then you don’t need to use a new towel everyday. If you do a good job cleaning yourself, the towel won’t get dirty! Using one towel a week hasn’t been an issue for me, but I’ve noticed many homes with a stuffed linen closet and people who take a new towel each morning. Reducing towels = less laundry and more space in the closet.

4) Look for items that serve multiple purposes. Shampoo and conditioner in one? (Do you even need shampoo?) A lotion good for hand and body? Can your toilet paper double as tissues? I mean, unless a river is coming out of your nose, you probably don’t use tissues very often and a small square from the toilet paper roll is good enough.

5) Clear off surfaces. When haven’t I suggested this? Clear surfaces makes a space look bigger, easier to clean, and leaves you feeling more calm. Along with this, have a place for everything. You have drawers, cabinets, and bins – use them!

6) Wipe the counters down daily. This doesn’t mean give your bathroom a full cleaning every day, but after you’re done getting ready in the morning, use a towel to quickly wipe off the counter before you leave the bathroom. Dust, bits of cosmetic products, and hair fall every day. Doing a little wiping off each day will make the cleaning task easier when that day comes.

7) Keep it simple. I like bathrooms that have a candle or two, an interesting painting on the wall, or a plant in the corner. You probably do too. Feel free to decorate the place with your favorite pieces, but not too much! The bathroom is for cleaning and relieving oneself, not as a museum. Here’s a suggestion: use clear containers to hold disposable items. I don’t like things like cotton balls and q-tips, but if you have them, putting them on the counter in clear jars (think: mason jars) is an interesting and practical decoration. Plus, you can see when you’re almost out of something!

Finished? Next time you sit on the toilet to drop a few, enjoy your calm bathroom!

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