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The Little Things: Post-it Notes & Toilet Paper.

Last week, I started The Little Things, a sort of personal weekly meditation practice in which I list ten simple, beautiful things in my life. I intended for this to be up yesterday morning, but life took over  and I didn’t finish pouring out my thoughts until now.

1) Post-it notes. Who doesn’t love these? Scribble a quick thought or message and stick it anywhere you like! In the month of February, I did a mini-project in which I left at least one anonymous post-it note a day for a stranger or a friend. I took pictures of them and posted them online – the series starts here. I really enjoyed it and leaving the notes made me smile! I will keep doing it, although not on a daily basis.

2) Root beer floats. Soda and ice cream are not the healthiest things to eat but man, are they good together! Root beer floats are also amazing when I’m spending the evening watching Shrek with my sweetie.

3) Toilet paper. We ran out of toilet paper earlier this week. Tissues were a great substitute until I ran out of them too. Now what? Both of us have been so focused on other things this week that we keep forgetting to get more toilet paper and well, when you don’t have any toilet paper, it can get quite messy. No matter how green I am, toilet paper is one thing I can’t let go of (but I do buy recycled toilet paper)!

4) Lemon squares. This week has been full of unhealthy pastries and treats, including lemon squares – one of my favorites. A co-worker had these made for me for my goodbye party at work yesterday. I still have a small stash left in the kitchen. It will be gone by tomorrow, most likely.

5) Rain. Oh rain, you’re such a tease. You trick me into thinking spring is coming sooner, only to be followed by days of snow flurries. But rain, I do love when you drop by. That hint of spring stirs the restless soul inside of me.

6) Fleece blanket. My favorite blanket is the Cubs fleece blanket I made for my fiance two Christmases ago. I’ve claimed it as the blanket for my bed – so soft, so warm, so zzzz…..

7) Crayons. A few times over the past few weeks, I’ve sat down next to one of my students and colored a coloring book page with him. Just picking up that crayon and focusing on the task of perfectly putting the color between the lines is just so calming.

8) A good book. This pretty much goes without saying but a really good book will pull me in and keep me away from everything else for hours. I can spend hours perusing the shelves at the library or a bookstore. When I don’t have a book to read, I get a little anxious until I find one. Then I dive right in and want to read it any free moment I get.

9) His smile. Every time my sweetie smiles at me, I melt inside.

10) Dancing. Sometimes, I turn up the music (Lady Gaga, anyone?) and dance around the room when no one’s looking. Then I feel really awesome and hope I don’t get caught.

Also, if you didn’t already see it, I did my first guest post earlier this week at Peculiar Girl!


6 thoughts on “The Little Things: Post-it Notes & Toilet Paper.”

    1. I have to credit Melissa with the idea! I really enjoy doing these lists because it’s a great way to recognize all the simple (mostly free) things in life that make life what it really is.

      1. Ah ha! That’s great! I actually acquired a non-working television a couple weeks ago and plan to document the smashing of the television soon. This video has also rekindled my fondness for Against Me!

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