The Little Things – Fences, Water, & Slippers.

Over at Pen, Paper, Prayer, Rev. Melissa Bennett aims to write daily for forty minutes on the beauty that exists in her life. She started this forty-day exercise after realizing that she was living a life with poverty-mind and needed to switch over to abundant-mind. Melissa spent her days worrying about financial issues and her future instead of appreciating and finding the beauty in what she already had. Her series has inspired me to write a weekly post of ten beautiful, simple things I love in life. I am guilty of worrying about issues – you are you too! – and this exercise will serve as a gentle reminder to myself that life is beautiful and I already have everything I need.

Ten simple things I loved in the past week:

1) Rustic, wooden fences. These fences are usually accompanied with abandoned barns, horse stables, beautiful homes, rolling hills, winding roads, and forest preserves. It may sound silly to you, but I adore these fences and the hint of history that radiates from them. I often long for days before the Internet and most modern conveniences; these fences remind me of those times. Plus, they’re lovely to look at – who doesn’t love picturesque scenery?

2) A pet licking my fingers. Affection from an animal always makes me feel good.

3) A cool glass of water. So refreshing and great for your body!

4) The large, orange moon. Every once in awhile, I get a glimpse of the moon hovering just over the horizon. Due to its proximity to the earth and reflecting light particles through the sky, the moon appears large and orange. I call this my “favorite moon” and can’t stop staring and marveling when I see it.

5) Untouched, freshly fallen snow. Do you ever wake up in the morning and marvel at the magic of a fresh blanket of snow that quietly fell during the night? I do. It creates a sense of purity — a feeling that we can start over.  A snowy winter also helps me appreciate warmer weather.

6) Sunlight. After a bitter, cold winter accompanied with gray skies, we were recently blessed with a few days of direct sunlight and a hint of spring. I noticed that everyone (adults and children) seemed happier, and there was an extra skip in my step. It’s amazing what a transformation stirs in people after seeing the sun.

7) A cup of good tea. As you probably know, I love tea. Tea calms me at all times.

8) Hearing a favorite song. You know the drill: song comes on, you crank it up, sing along loudly, and smile.

9) A 5 year-old’s smile. I am blessed to work with five amazing, unique kindergartners. Despite the frustrations that may arise when working with them, seeing a genuine smile across their faces make my day.

10) Slippers. I have a pair of extremely comfortable hi-top slippers that I wear whenever I’m home. They keep my feet warm and make me feel fuzzy inside. I recently lost one of the slippers during my move  – only to find it a few days later in the parking lot of my previous apartment, covered in dirt and oil from cars. My fiance saved it by putting it in the wash and now it’s good as new. Whew!

7 thoughts on “The Little Things – Fences, Water, & Slippers.

  1. I’m guilty of the “poverty-mind” syndrome so this is a welcome idea. I’ve recently started to journal again and will definitely try this exercise. Thanks, Laura! (Great list, by the way.)

    1. I have to credit Melissa with the idea! She’s been doing this daily for about three weeks now – I’ve only just begun. Let me know how it works out for you!

  2. what a great exercise! i love the idea of writing for 40 minutes everything you are grateful for. I used to write posts once a week on gratitude and I fell out of the habit.

    just the other day, i was reading Sunset magazine and they had a suggestion to make your morning commute better (if you don’t have the option to bike, walk or take public transporation) and it was to think of everything you are grateful for. I tried it yesterday morning and i made myself say everything out loud. for once, i had a non-stressful drive through traffic. it was wonderful! and i also discovered so many thing that i didn’t even know about myself!

    1. That’s a wonderful suggestion! So glad you gave it a try and discovered that it actually worked. Thank you for sharing. I also find that smooth morning drives lead to a lot of thinking which generate great ideas for writing…

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